White Lake Fen

Macnamara Field Naturalists’ Club field trip to White Lake Fen (AM) and Stewartville Cedar Swamp (PM)

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This was an excellent 5 hour trudge through, initially, the Fen. On a hot day, the cool fen water seeping into my old sneakers felt so good. Led by the ever knowledgeable Michael Runtz, the eager group of ten came upon bog and fen species at the Fen and, some interesting additional species at Stewartville Swamp. The Swamp’s orchids have greatly been reduced since my last visit 3 years ago, due to fallen cedars, and resultant opening of the canopy. 

 At the Fen, aside from a stunning display of Showy Lady’s Slipper, many other botanical specialties and insects were noted (see list). My favourites were the tiny Elfin Skimmer and the Bog Copper. 

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Sunday June 24, 2012-06-24

Sunny AM, low 20’s C, Cloudy PM, high 26 C at 13:00 


Leader: Michael Runtz

Renee Stewart and Heinz Weiler (Dad)

Julie Nicholson

Mary Marsh

Art Goldsmith (scribe)

Anne and Barry Burnette

Estelle Rother

Steven Cass

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At Fen:


Triglochin (2 spp)- Arrow-grass (not a grass, it is in the family Juncaginaceae)

Green Adders Mouth (orchid)

Helleborine (orchid-Alien)

Showy Lady’s Slipper (orchid-many in full bloom)

Grass Pink (orchid)

Sundew Spp (carnivorous plant)

Pitcher plant (Carnivorous plant)

Bog Bean (many Buckmoth Larvae on Bog Beans)

Tall White Bog  Orchid (Spp? Platanthera dilatata) fragrant

Shrubby Cinquefoil

Rattlesnake Fern

Bog Rosemary

Bladderwort Spp


Buckmoth Larvae

Mustard White Butterfly (landed on White Bog  Orchid)

Bog Sprite

Emerald Spreadwing

Prince (Princeps) Baskettail

Vernale (bluet damselfly)

Common Baskettail

Sedge Sprite

Elfin Skimmer (smallest Dragonfly in NA)

Bog Copper (small butterfly)

Eastern Forktail (Damselfly)


(most not noted)

N. Parula Warbler

Nashville Warbler

Wilson’s Snipe (flying and calling)

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Wh l fen STewswamp24ju12 067

At Stewartville:


1-flowered Pyrola

Stair Stepped Moss

Northern Green Orchid

Loesel’s twayblade, fen orchid, yellow widelip orchid (Liparis loeselii)

Greenish flowered Pyrola


Violet Dancer (Damselfly)

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