Young Macs are Toadally Awesome!

On a cold, Friday evening in late March, the Young Macs ventured outside in search of amphibians.

IMG 0567

Due to the rather interesting weather we had experienced in March, we decided to go ahead and have an earlier Amphibian Walk than normal.  We did find a Blue-Spotted Salamander egg mass and some really neat insects.

The week before had large numbers of Chorus frogs and Spring Peepers calling, so we hoped a similar show would be there to greet us.  Unfortunately, the cold weather kept our frog friends quiet, and we continued on to our second location in search of “sallys”.  After a little searching, we were able to see a few Spotted Salamanders with their bright yellow spots, as well as a couple Blue-Spotted Salamanders, whose spots look brighter when a flashlight is shone upon them.  A small group was also able to see an Eastern Newt later on in the evening.

IMG 0574

This outing was very exciting, not only for the “sallys” we found, but because it had a large number of new Young Macs joining us!  We always welcome newcomers to our outings, and we hope you enjoyed the experience you had.  We were also excited to see a number of adults from the Club join us in this experience.