1st Annual Back-to-School Bird Count

Eight Young Macnamaras took on the important task of counting bird species on Sunday, October 2nd at the Macnamara Trail.  What we hope will become an annual event, the Young Macs were given the task of using their most important tool while birding: their hearing.  Club wildlife expert Fergus explained that sometimes we hear birds more than we see them.  He challenged all the young naturalists to use their ears to find birds, and they did an incredible job!



When we entered the trail, we were surrounded by Yellow-Rumped Warblers and White-Throated Sparrows.  Black Capped Chickadees followed us along the trail, and we saw many different types of woodpecker holes.  Some of us even got to hear the flight of an American Woodcock, which we flushed off the trail!


Other interesting items we looked at were the many different types of fungus along the trail, and we even got a little lesson on Poison Ivy.  Looking at several different habitat types including forest, marsh, and field edge, we were able to count 20 different species of birds!  Great job everyone!  Next year, our goal is 25.  Below is the full species list compiled this day:

Yellow-Rumped Warbler Hermit Thrush

White Throated Sparrow Swamp Sparrow

Ruby Crowned Kinglet

Winter Wren

Golden Crowned Kinglet

Hairy Woodpecker

Black Capped Chickadee

American Crow

American Woodcock

Northern Flicker

Blue Jay

Swainson’s Thrush

European Starling

Herring Gull

White Breasted Nuthatch

Common Yellowthroat

American Robin


– Alicia Salyi