Past Events & Meetings

What have MFNC members done in the past? Find out here in our archive of past field trips and meetings through to the beginning of 2014!

Event Information:

  • Sat

    Herps and Birds of Stoney Swamp

    9:00 am - noonStoney Swamp

    Leaders: Derek Dunnett and Sophie Roy

    Meet: NCC Greenbelt parking lot P8 (on Moodie, South of Hunt Club)

    We will search for frogs, salamanders and snakes, as well as birds and whatever else we can find. This is a kid friendly event. Bring binoculars and hand lens if you have them, or just your cell phone for pics or for iNaturalist. There are washrooms near the parking area. The hike is less than 4 km but wear comfortable shoes and clothing for protection against the sun and biting insects. The trip will be cancelled if it is a cold ( < 13 C) or rainy day. Register at