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What have MFNC members done in the past? Find out here in our archive of past field trips and meetings through to the beginning of 2014!

Event Information:

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    Exploring Nature on Snowshoes in the Carp Hills

    1:30 - 4:30Carp

    Sunday, January 24, 1:30pm - 4:30pm: Exploring Nature on Snowshoes in the Carp Hills

    Leaders: Jeff Skevington and Gord Vogg
    Host: Janet Mason

    Meet: at the W. Erskine Johnston Arena in Carp beside the charitable donation bin and carpool from there for a 15 minute drive to the property.

    On this field trip you are invited to explore a 297 acre private property in the heart of the Carp Hills, the only expression of Canadian Shield within City of Ottawa boundaries.  Beaver ponds and lodges, gneissic outcrops, Provincially Significant Wetlands, and rugged pine/oak uplands are showcased.  We will look for signs of animals and learn how they survive through the winter. Bring your binoculars since we expect to see several species of birds, perhaps a ruffed grouse or raptor among them. We will also learn to recognize shrubs and trees in their winter garb. It is a great opportunity to explore this beautiful landscape, which becomes more accessible on snowshoes. This will be a fairly strenuous excursion but kids old enough to handle the activity are encouraged to join us. We are all invited back to Janet’s for hot drinks after the outing.  Register at