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What have MFNC members done in the past? Find out here in our archive of past field trips and meetings through to the beginning of 2014!

  • Sat
    8am - 10pmAmherst Island

    Leaders:  Angela and Jeff Skevington

    Meet:  We will leave promptly at 8 am from the parking lot at the corner of March Rd (49) and Upper Dwyer Hill (3) (45.2673910,-76.1266138). From there we will drive to Millhaven where we catch the 10:30 am ferry to Amherst Island. Jeff and Angela will lead the group down but they expect participants to make their own way home after leaving the island.

    Bring: Lunch, warm clothes (including extra socks), snowshoes (optional), binoculars and scope if you have one, $9 per car for the ferry, money for dinner.

    Come and join us as we search for owls and other birds of prey on Amherst Island.  We will drive to Owl Woods where we will hike a snow drifted road for about 2 km (Some people may want snowshoes for this part.) then into and around the woods for about 2 km hoping to find Nothern Saw-whet and Barred Owls roosting in the trees. We will walk the 2 km back along the same road we came in on.  This makes for about 6 km of heavy walking in total. Once back to the cars, we will drive around the island looking for Snowy Owls and Short-eared Owls along with other raptors, stopping to scope species that we find.
    We will leave the island on either the 5 or 6 pm ferry, depending on the birds. There will be a quick stop for fast food for dinner in Kingston. Everyone should be home before 10 pm if we take the 6 pm ferry, maybe even 9 pm if dinner is fast.
    Contact Angela (angela_skevington@yahoo.ca; 613-832-1970) to register. Please indicate the number of adults and children.
  • Fri
    6:00 pmInnis Point Bird Observatory
    The Young Macs are invited to join us as we go to enjoy some creatures of the night at Innis Point Bird Observatory. We will be hoping to mist net some Northern Saw-whet Owls as they pass through on their migration. If we are successful, we will be able to take some measurements and band them as well to help scientists further study their migration. Please sign up early as spaces will be limited. Contact Angela at angela_skevington@yahoo.ca to sign up by stating the number of people in your group. At that time we will send directions and more information.
  • Sat

    Leader:  Angela Skevington

    Host: Linda Sewell

    Because of the continuing cold weather, the date of this event has been moved ahead from Friday to Saturday to improve our chances of seeing these animals.

    Inviting all kids to come and welcome the sounds of spring as we search for Spring Peepers, Chorus Frogs, Wood Frogs, Spotted Salamanders, various bugs and other creatures which seem to come alive as the ponds finally melt. We will visit ponds at Linda Sewell's property on the Carp Road. Wear your highest rubber boots, if you have some, dress warmly, bring a flashlight or headlamp and a net if you have one. Bring along your parents or grandparents. Specific directions for parking will be given to all registrants.  Register with Angela at angela_skevington@yahoo.ca


  • Sat
    9 am - 4 pmOttawa

    Leader: Sophie Cardinal
    Location: Salons A and B of the K.W. Neatby Building, Central Experimental
    Farm, 960 Carling Avenue

    Description: Bug Day is coordinated by the Entomological Society of Ontario in
    partnership with OFNC and AAFC. Visitors are invited to learn all about the
    fascinating world of insects, from expert entomologists on hand. Activities will
    include: a live insect zoo, guided insect nature walks, seminars on insects,
    cockroach races, kid’s insect crafts, ask a bug expert, building insect
    collections, cooking with insects and more. This event will happen rain or shine
    in conjunction with the Central Experimental Farm Research Open House.

  • Sat
    7a.m.-1p.m.Riddell Dr.

    This will be a great outing as Celia Bodnar will show us the full workings of a bird banding operation. We will have the opportunity to learn about the important research and monitoring activities occurring at Innis Point and to observe bird banding when migration is near its peak. This will include taking birds out of mist nets (if the weather cooperates), and learning how to band the birds as well as record all of the data for each bird. The Innis Point Bird Observatory was founded in 1982 and is a non-profit organization dedicated to the study of birds and natural history. The site is on the Ottawa River and is wet and rocky in places. Dress for the weather and wear boots. Bring drinks and snacks.

    How to get there: From the lights in Dunrobin Village, turn northeast at the lights onto Thomas A. Dolan Pkwy and then take the second right to turn onto 6th Line. Drive down 6th Line about 7 km to where it swings sharp left and becomes Riddell Dr. Don’t turn, just drive straight onto the driveway that ends in a locked Department of Defence gate. Pull in here and wait at the gate. Someone will meet us at the gate at 7:00 am so please arrive a few minutes before that to be sure not to be locked out. If you are late, we cannot come back to let you in. (If you are coming from Ottawa, turn onto the Dunrobin Rd. from March Rd. and Riddell Dr. will be the first right turn.) For more information contact Angela Skevington 613-832-1970  This event is weather-sensitive.  Please check the website the night before; any changes would be posted there.

  • Sat
    6:30 pmMunster area (meet at Park&Ride, details below)
    One of the great sights of early spring is the mating display of the American Woodcock. These shorebirds are common but require a special effort to see well.
    We will be driving 45 minutes to the Munster area to look for these birds as we know this area well. Meet at  6:30pm at the Park and Ride on County Road 29 just north of highway 417.
    Bring binoculars and a flashlight and have kids wear snowpants or rain pants as we will be laying on the ground at times. It will be a bit of a late night for kids as these birds are only active at dusk and after dark but it should be a lot of fun and well worth the loss of a few winks. If we are lucky we may also hear or even see an owl as the area is great for a variety of wildlife.
    Adults without kids also welcome!
    If you have any questions, please email angela_skevington@yahoo.ca or call at (613) 832-1970.
  • Wed
    1:00 pmMacnamara Trail

    Meet at the Macnamara Trailhead on McNab Street at 1 p.m. - 3 p.m. (weather permitting) for a walk to count the birds. We'll be learning about some of our feathery winter residents and recording how many we see and hear to report to the group.

    Interested adults also welcome!

    Please register ahead by email with Telsing Andrews at  telsing_andrews@hotmail.com.


  • Sat
    10:00 amAntrim/Pakenham area

    Leader:  Dave Forsyth

    Meet:  at 10:00 a.m. in the parking lot of the Anglican Church, Antrim, at the corner of the Kinburn Side Rd. and old highway 17

    We will car pool from there and travel to 3 or 4 local sites to examine fossils from the Ordovician Period, about 450 million years ago. These fossils range from corals to cephalopods. For those who wish to continue on, we will stop for lunch in Pakenham and explore two more sites in the afternoon. Wear sturdy shoes and comfortable clothing.  Register at events@mfnc.ca


  • Sat
    10 a.m. to noon3348 Hunt Line Road, Kinburn

    Snakes and Bees

    Sleepy bumblebees and sunning garter snakes, come and learn about what these (and more) backyard residents are doing as the growing year winds down and how they overwinter. An interactive walk for young field naturalists.

    Register at youngmacs@mfnc.ca

  • Sat
    10 a.m. to noonConstance Bay


    This field trip has been cancelled.

  • Sun
    10:00 amMacnamara Trail

    Calling all Young Naturalists, the forest of late spring looks very different than the forest of midsummer. With the leaves not quite unfurled on the deciduous trees, wildflowers burst from the ground and set bloom fast while sun still floods the forest floor.

    Join us to see the ephemeral spring flowers and to observe other signs of late spring at the Macnamara trail. We'll be taking notes, and doing some drawings to compare with a later walk at the same location.

    In the meantime, if you want to learn about a neat interaction between ants and flowers, check out the elaisome.

    Please register by email at youngmacs@mfnc.ca


  • Sat
    1:00 pmKinburn area

    Salamander Conservationist  Matt Ellerbeck (A.K.A the Salamander Man) will be joining the Young Macs and interested adults for an insightful talk on nature's tailed amphibians...the salamanders!

    The presentation will feature live species both local and exotic!

    Matt Ellerbeck is licensed with the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources, and is also a Partner of the Amphibian Survival Alliance (ASA), which is the world's largest partnership for amphibian conservation.

    Directions to the location will follow upon registration. Register by email to youngmacs@mfnc.ca

  • Sat
    1:00 p.m.- 2:30 p.m. Kinburn

    Saturday, March 19: Wildlife in a Sugarbush

    Young Macs and adults will meet at a family sugarbush to see how it operates, and to look for signs of wildlife including snapped maple branches from squirrels hoping for treats, insects attracted to the sap buckets, footprints in the snow (depending on the level) or even other critters appearing from the leaf litter. All going well, we'll also be boiling and have some of the sweet stuff available for sampling.

    Register by email to youngmacs@mfnc.ca

    Directions will be provided upon registration.

  • Sat
    10:30 amFitzroy Provincial Park

    Join the Young Macs as they watch the geese and ducks prepare to fly to their winter feeding grounds. We’ll discuss their amazing journeys along with the dynamics of feathers and flight.

    Register with Telsing Andrews at youngmacs@mfnc.ca

    Meet at Karen Kroeger’s: 227 Kedey Street, Fitzroy Harbour. It’s a short walk from there to the waterfront in Fitzroy Provincial Park. Karen’s number is 613-622-1626.

    Be sure to check the Macnamara website before heading out on Saturday in case there are any last-minute changes.

    All ages welcome! And hot chocolate back at Karen’s after the outing!

  • Sun
    10:30 amMacnamara Trail Kiosk

    Join Telsing Andrews at the Macnamara Trailhead as the Young Macnamara Field Naturalists explore seed dispersal — from those that hitch a ride on your socks to those that explode to new locations.

    Register at youngmacs@mfnc.ca and address any questions about the outing to this address as well.

    Be sure to check the Macnamara website before heading out on Sunday in case there are any last-minute changes.

    All ages welcome!