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  • Tue

    Canadian Bears

    7:30 pmZoom Meeting
    This  presentation includes original photographs by the speaker of all the types of bears found in Canada, in their natural habitat. The familiar Black Bear, its very special mutant form, the Kermode or Spirit Bear of Princess Royal and Gribbell Islands in coastal British Columbia, the big coastal Grizzlies from the Great Bear Rainforest, the rare but becoming more common, Barren Ground Grizzly and the majestic but threatened Polar Bear. Some current issues with these rich national treasures will be discussed.

    Gray Merriam retired in 1997. He taught, directed graduate students and did research at the University of Texas and Carleton University and had academic affiliations in Poland, Sweden, France, the Netherlands and the US.

    He published about 100 peer-reviewed research papers in international journals, chapters in research reviews and numerous other scientific reports. He co- authored “Discovering Natural Processes” in 2005 and released “Special Places in Canada: Natural Riches and Ecological Treasures” in 2010 on the web at "Caring for our Homeplace - - Homespun tales spiked with ecosystem insight" was published in 2020.

    He was President of the International Association for Landscape Ecology, Series Editor of the IALE Study Series in Landscape Ecology, and on the Editorial Board of Landscape Ecology. He directed: the Landscape Ecology Research Laboratory, the Environmental Science Program, the Environment and Policy Institute, the Department of Biology and the Ottawa-Carleton Institute of Biology at Carleton University.

    In 1997 he received the Distinguished Landscape Ecologist Award from the United States Chapter of the International Association for Landscape Ecology and in 1999 he received the Distinguished Scholarship Award of the International Association for Landscape Ecology. In 2003 he received an honourary Doctor of Science degree from the University of Moncton. In 2005 he received a Latornell Conservation Pioneer Award.

    In retirement, he has tried to apply his ecological knowledge to the landscapes where he lives. He was the founding President of the Friends of the Salmon River is, Past- Chair of the Frontenac Stewardship Council and is ecological advisor to the Kennebec Lake Association. He was named Green Cottager across Canada by Cottage Life Magazine in 2009.