Here’s what’s to come for March, April and May 2023 meetings

While we’ve had some issues using the Zoom platform with two of our meetings, it has given us access to a much wider range of presenters than we could book in person and saved some members the cost and time of driving. Going forward we plan to make use of both means of access when appropriate. 

Here’s what’s planned for our March, April and May meetings.


  • March 1:  meeting in CURLING CLUB HALL. AGM.  Brent Patterson “Algonquin Park Wolves” On ZOOM IN HALL and at home.
  • April 5:  meeting in CURLING CLUB HALL.  Roslyn Dakin “The Power of Friends in Competitive and Cooperative Birds” IN PERSON IN HALL and also on ZOOM.
  • May 3: meeting in CURLING CLUB HALL. Alexa Goodman “Ghost Netting” on ZOOM IN HALL and at home.
  • Note: All meetings will be in the Hall. Only Michael Runtz and Roslyn Dakin will be there in person. Brent Patterson and Alexa Goodman will not be in the Hall in person, so Zoom will be available IN HALL and at home.