August 12, 2019 Ferns on The Macnamara Trail with Lis Allison

On Monday afternoon, August 12, a small but enthusiastic group of us headed to the trailhead to learn more about the ferns on the Macnamara Trail, with Lis Allison as our leader. Lis brought samples of different local ferns and gave us some background regarding fern structure, reproduction and classification.  Armed with this knowledge, we headed out to find the ferns. We found 11 species: Bracken, Bublet, Cinnamon, Evergreen Wood, Lady, Marsh, Narrow Beech, Ostrich, Royal, Sensitive and Spinulose Wood Ferns. We learned that fern classification is in flux right now and Equisetum are presently classified as ferns.  We found quantities of them too.

The Walking Ferns on the trail are magnificent and this is one of the best sites in the region.  They grow on the marble rocks at stop#6 along the trail.

After this stop we headed back, not quite before the much-needed rain started.

Bracken fern, common along the Mac trail