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Great Naturalists’ Quiz by Michael Runtz

A highlight annual event.  Combine learning, laughter and camaraderie. NO experience is necessary!

If you are good at riddles, then this is the place to be! But, be prepared to meet your match. Michael’s riddles are challenging, evocative and ever so finely crafted.

This is an awesome and exhilarating Continue reading

Members’ Night

We are looking forward to learning all about your prized nature or natural history possessions or experiences!

Please sign in at the door with the item or topic you wish to showcase.

If you are showing photos, there should not be more than five and they should be on a Continue reading

Impacts of Climate Change on Ungulate Populations

Our Presenter:

Dr. Frank F. Mallory, Professor, Department of Biology, Laurentian University who has done research in the Arctic Tundra, the Boreal Forest, the Eastern Deciduous Forest and the Tropical Forests of Mexico ecosystems.

The Presentation:

In Canada, most of his recent work has dealt with woodland caribou and the Continue reading