Beetle diversity in Canada and beyond with Patrice Bouchard

Patrice Bouchard looking for beetles on trees at night with a headlamp

Beetles are remarkably adaptable and beautiful creatures found almost everywhere on earth. Incredibly visually diverse ­with nearly 400,000 described species – compared for example to some 5,500 mammal species or 6,500 amphibian species – they make up more Continue reading

Welcome September and the return of our club meetings

What better way to welcome September and the return of our club meetings than a presentation by our president, renowned naturalist/educator/author/nature photographer Michael Runtz. And what better subject than The Howls of Autumn, illuminating the elusive and infamous wolves of Algonquin. Their wild sounds add another dimension to any Algonquin Continue reading

Tree Identification with Owen Clarkin

Club members can’t get enough of Tree educator Owen Clarkin!

Soon after he spoke at our December 2021 meeting Owen agreed to deliver a second presentation on trees, this one focusing on tree identification for our June 1 meeting.

Did you check out Owen’s list of helpful books on trees Continue reading

Bryophytes (mosses, liverworts and hornworts)

Cassandra Robillard spends much of her time with a hand lens getting up close and personal with nature. Tiny bryophytes (mosses, liverworts and hornwarts) are among her favourites and at our club’s April 6 meeting  she’ll show us how they’re the fascinating pioneers of land plants.

Join us as Continue reading

February 2022 Great Naturalist Quiz

Our president’s Great Naturalist Quiz lives on! As you likely guessed, due to Covid-19 and our virtual format we will not break into teams this year, so you will be your own team. The 2022 quiz will engage your brain cells to identify photos of a variety of natural Continue reading