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Club Meeting: Gillies Grove and the Gervais Property

Gary Bell, Conservation Biologist – Eastern Ontario,  Nature Conservancy of Canada, will update us and present to us about Gillies Grove and the Gervais property, near Westmeath, Ontario, which has been purchased with a generous donations from the Ottawa Field Naturalist Club supplemented by a donation Continue reading

Club Meeting: Quantum Conservation

Our Presenter: Éric Hébert-Daly, National Executive Director, Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society.

The Presentation:

Public conservation in Canada takes a long time from start to finish. And while the processes move along slowly, development and encroachment happen quickly and often outpace our ability to plan. Southern Canada, in particular in Continue reading

Club Meeting: Mysterious World of the Fungi

Our Presenter: Dr. Myron L Smith is the Chair of the Biology Department at Carleton University.

The Presentation:

The Fungi comprise an enigmatic group of organisms that is most closely related to the animal kingdom. Fungi are familiar to most of us as moulds and mushrooms, but we tend to Continue reading