The world through a bat’s ear


M.B. (Brock) Fenton is currently an Emeritus Professor of Biology, Western University, in London, Ontario. Retired in 2010, he continues to study the ecology and behaviour of bats, with special emphasis on echolocation and evolution.

His presentation:

Dr. Fenton will use images and stories to bring us into the world of bats — their basic evolution, behaviour and diversity, their reproduction and ecology. He will also speak to issues about bats and conservation and bats and public health.

His background: M.B. (Brock) Fenton received his Ph.D. in 1969 for work in the ecology and behaviour of bats. He has held academic positions at Carleton University (Ottawa, Canada 1969 to 1986), York University (Toronto, Canada 1986 to 2003) and the University of Western Ontario (2003 to present).

He is widely published, from scientific papers to books and even text books. One example is Fenton and Simmons 2014 Bats: a world of science and mystery. That same year, he was inducted as a Fellow of the Royals Society of Canada (FRSC).

Brock and his wife Sherri spend a great deal of time and energy photographing bats.