Stars – The Key to Life

Our Presenter:

Gary Boyle, known as “The Backyard Astronomer”, is a freelance astronomy educator who has taught astronomy courses at Algonquin College and other institutions for fifteen years. He is Past-President of the Ottawa Centre at the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada.

The Presentation:

Early civilizations looked at the sky for guidance and superstition. To them, the beautiful points of light were also a place of entertainment. Today’s technology and study has opened new chapters in the understanding of the cosmos and how things work. This presentation will demonstrate how life began from the cosmos billions of years ago and the meaning behind the saying “we are all make of star stuff”.


Gary Boyle, the Backyard Astronomer

Gary Boyle, the Backyard Astronomer

Known as “The Backyard Astronomer”, Gary Boyle has had a passion for the night sky from the early age of eight. He is a freelance astronomy educator and has taught astronomy courses for the beginner at Algonquin College for fifteen years as well as other facilities in and around Ottawa. As past president of the Ottawa Centre of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada, he continues to write monthly columns for the Society, the Northeastern Ontario Tourism website and for Metroland Media. Gary has been interviewed on a regular basis on more than fifty radio stations across Canada along with live television in Ottawa. In 2017 the International Astronomical Union honoured him with the naming of Asteroid (22406) Garyboyle.

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