Mudpuppy Night at Oxford Mills

Leader: Fred Scheuler

Meet: 7 pm at the Brigadoon Pub, Oxford Mills. Directions are on their website.

A study of the Oxford Mills mudpuppies (large aquatic salamanders, Necturus maculosuswas begun in 1998 and continues every winter. We are invited to participate in this very kid-friendly activity. The location has unusually large numbers of mudpuppies and we hope to see lots of them in the shallow water as they come upstream to feed below the dam. First we will be given an introduction to the ecology of these fascinating animals, then we will proceed to the creek nearby to search for them. Wear warm, high, waterproof footwear as we will be standing in the water for about 1h. Bring a strong flashlight if you have one and walking poles might be useful too. The Brigadoon pub is open for a snack and a hot drink after, or participants may wish to have dinner there before the event. Register at