Learning More About Our Native Ferns

Leader:  Lis Allison

Meet:  6114 Carp Rd., between Galetta Side Rd. and Kinburn Side Rd.

The area around Ottawa is particularly rich in native fern species. We have over 40 different species here.  Ferns have a public relations problem; they all tend to look alike to those who haven’t studied them, but, when you examine them more closely, you begin to appreciate the wonderful diversity and complexity of ferns.

On August 27, you are invited to an Afternoon of Ferns at Lis Allison’s home on the Carp Road. Lis will talk about the classification and identification of ferns, with particular attention to our local ferns. She will explain   where to look for them in the wild and how to grow them. After that she will take you around her extensive garden, where you will see many of the Ottawa Valley ferns.  Often they are used in garden situations and, early fall being an excellent time to plant ferns, some small ferns will be available for sale. Register at events@mfnc.ca