Introducing Spiritwohd

Hosts: Katharine and Eric Fletcher

Meet: 9AM at Liza Badham’s home, (5689 Ferry Rd.) to carpool and take the Quyon Ferry to the Fletcher property, Spiritwood, 4316 chemin Steele, OR meet us there at 10AM if you are coming from another direction.

Katharine and Eric will introduce us to their 100-acre home farm, Spiritwood, where they have lived since 1989. Katharine is a visual artist, freelance writer & columnist, and author of several books including: Capital Rambles, Capital Walks, and Historical Walks: The Gatineau Park Story. Together, Katharine and Eric have authored: Québec Off The Beaten Path. Eric is a professional photographer, computer specialist and publications/document manager.

Spiritwood enjoys rich biodiversity: meadows, paddocks for two horses, a pond, wetland and mixed forest — which backs into the southwest “wilderness” sector of Gatineau Park. With plenty of verges, as well as open meadowland and woods, the Fletchers find many species of birds, including Eastern Whip-poor-will, American Bittern, Bobolink, Eastern Bluebird and 3 species of Swallow. Also seen on the property are mink, otter, fisher, deer, black bear, bobcat, green frogs (along with the uncommon blue morph), salamanders and more.

Katharine and Eric invite us to come, wander their trails, climb the escarpment edge and look out over the Ottawa Valley to the Ottawa River — and beyond. In September, the leaves will be turning so expect beautiful views. Bring a lunch, binoculars, comfortable footwear, and your knowledge and appreciation of nature to share.