Ghost Netting, May 3, 2023


Alexa Goodman, May 2023 speaker

Marine debris is a rising problem. Just ask our May guest speaker Alexa Goodman. A scientist, intersectional environmental activist and practising yogi, Goodman has been a driving force in managing abandoned, lost and discarded (ALD) fishing gear, also called “ghost gear.” Goodman first got involved in the retrieval of such gear in Southwest Nova Scotia, on a team assessing environmental and economic impacts to the commercial lobster industry.

The proliferation of discarded ghost nets is a major issue for marine life and sea habitats, as well as the commercial fishing industry and marine vessels themselves.

Estimated to account for 10% (640,000 tonnes) globally of all marine litter, ghost gear causes economic losses and hazards to safety at-sea for fishers and marine fauna abandoned, lost or discarded, causing so-called “ghost fishing.” Up to a million tons of ghost finishing nets enter the oceans each year, notes a study reported by