Geological Tour of the Metcalfe Geoheritage Park in Almonte

Leader: Allan Donaldson, Ottawa-Gatineau Geoheritage Project

Meet: At 1:30 p.m. in the parking lot adjacent to Metcalfe Geoheritage Park (MGP) in Almonte .

The outdoor display of 22 rock specimens in Metcalfe Geoheritage Park offers an introduction to the principal rock types that underlie Eastern Ontario. Originally established more than a decade ago, the display has been recently upgraded by moving it to an open area and adding a walkway loop, with an explanatory entrance way panel. Additional specimens will be on hand to show features typical of the Canadian Shield, the overlying local Paleozoic strata and the unconsolidated glacially deposited overburden.

The tour of MGP in Almonte will be finished by 3 p.m., but for those interested, additional stops will be made on the return trip to view bedrock exposures in Almonte and Pakenham.

This trip depends on the weather. Please visit the Macnamara Field Naturalists’ Club website ( for notice of cancellation. This field trip will be limited to the first 20 members who register at