A Geological Cross-section Through the Ottawa Area

Leader: Dr. Wouter Bleeker

Meet: Outside of Starbucks in Kanata Centrum, beside Chapters.  We will carpool from there.

Wouter Bleeker is a senior research scientist with the Geological Survey of Canada, in Ottawa. In addition to his geological research, which takes him pretty much across Canada and the world, he is also a birdwatcher and (closet) botanist. He has done extensive research on the Ottawa-Bonnechere Graben (A graben is a valley with a distinct escarpment on each side caused by the downward displacement of a block of land.) and currently is trying to nail down the time of the last significant movement on all of the geological faults that define the graben. On the field trip, time and weather permitting, we will make a geological cross-section of the area, introducing aspects of the local geology and helping you understand the bedrock we live on.  We’ll get close-up looks at different sedimentary rocks, geological faults, fossils and more. Bring along your hand lens, binoculars, lunch and curiosity.  The trip is limited to the first 25 members who register.  Register at events@mfnc.ca