Club Meeting: Gillies Grove and the Gervais Property

Gary Bell, Conservation Biologist – Eastern Ontario,  Nature Conservancy of Canada, will update us and present to us about Gillies Grove and the Gervais property, near Westmeath, Ontario, which has been purchased with a generous donations from the Ottawa Field Naturalist Club supplemented by a donation by our Club. Join us to better understand the importance of these NCC properties supported by our Club.

Did you know the Ottawa River Valley is home to the longest underwater cave system in Canada? Beneath the surface lies a subterranean wonderland seldom seen by the human eye – the Ottawa River Caves. The labyrinth measures over 10 kilometres in length under several islands throughout the Ottawa River, and includes a four kilometre section on the Ontario side of the river known as the Gervais Caves.  The Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC) purchased the 82-acre Gervais Caves property in January 2015 protecting most of the entrances to the caves on the Ontario side.  The property also protects important karst landforms, sinkholes and a diversity of species, including rare and at risk species.

Come and hear the latest on the Gillies Grove Nature Reserve, including current stewardship actions, initiatives and partnerships and our recent, record-breaking discovery.