Annual General Meeting

December brings the shortest day but longest night of the year to our part of the world. It is also the timing of our club’s Annual General Meeting, when members of our executive present their annual reports and plans for 2019.

We will also be voting on candidates to 1) replace one existing Board member who is stepping down and 2) add one additional Board member. Nominations may be accepted prior to the meeting from any member in good standing. P.S. It’s a good time to ensure your membership is up to date.

Nominations must be submitted in writing to Janet Mason at and signed by the consenting nominee. Note that email addresses for all Board members are always listed in the right-hand column of this newsletter.

We’ll be posting all executive reports at this link on our website prior to the meeting. Check them out as they become available.

NOTE: to avoid cutting into our sightings and speaker time, we are starting the AGM at 7 p.m.

Topping the evening will be a presentation by Danielle Fraser, who will show us how Conservation Paleontology leverages the past to understand our future.