All the Gold You Dreamed of….

Dr. Peter WatsonDr. Peter Watson, the speaker for our May 4 meeting, will transport us to a fascinating realm of a cosmic nature!

The observations of the collision of two neutron stars on August 17, 2017, is probably the most important single astronomical event since Galileo first saw Jupiter’s moons in 1608.  Dr. Watson’s talk All the Gold You Dreamed of…. will tell the (sometimes confusing) story of the lead-up to the event, what we learned, where we go from here, and where your wedding-ring came from!


In addition to a 40-year research career in theoretical physics, he has taught a wide variety of courses at all levels, many involving innovative teaching methods, notes Carleton University, where he has continued to offer lectures through the Lifelong Learning Program.

There’s a saying that “If you hate physics then you must have learned it from the wrong teacher.” Known for his great sense of humour and making his topics understandable to the lay person, Watson continues to be the right teacher!

The Zoom instructions for this monthly meeting are our usual combination:

The presentation will be delivered via our usual Zoom connection following our members’ sightings.