Gilles Grove, Arnprior

Our Conservation Committee informs and educates the club about local environmental conservation, including club initiatives and actions that individual club members can undertake.

Currently, we are nominating local trees of note for the Ontario Heritage Tree Program. Our first nominee—the Royal Oak planted as a sapling in 1860 at Arnprior’s Galilee Retreat Centre—has now been recognized as a heritage tree.

This coming year, we are exploring involvement with Gillies Grove in Arnprior since The Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC) needs help with management and maintenance.

Occasionally, the club makes donations to help preserve natural areas. Last year, we made a small donation to the NCC initiative at the Gervais Caves property near Westmeath, Ont., supplementing a much larger donation by the Ottawa Field Naturalist Club. The NCC’s Gary Bell made a presentation to our club at our June 2015 meeting about conservation land priorities for our club’s geographic area. The Gervais Caves were at the top of the list.

Within the limits of our financial and volunteer capacity, we continue to explore ways we can assist any such conservation efforts.

Photo: Gillies Grove, Arnprior, courtesy of Brian Eastop