Mudpuppy Night

Written by Doug Hoy.

Mudpuppy? It’s a salamander in a group that includes the Mexican Axolotl, the Ozark Hellbender, and the Japanese Giant Salamander, the latter the size of a Labrador Retriever, with a nasty bite that belies its goofy appearance. Ice fishermen occasionally catch Mudpuppies, but seeing one is Continue reading

The Signs of Thaw

Written by Doug Hoy.

Dave Forsyth sends us pics from the Carp Ridge, showing the extent of the January thaw. Fiddleheads are tough, but lack of snow can be hard on small mammals that rely on heavy snow cover, especially if we get very cold temperatures after the thaw. So Continue reading

YoungMacs Scavenger Hunt

On a lovely Saturday morning in November, the Young Macnamaras went on The Great Young Macnamara Scavenger Hunt with two very enthusiastic participants, who learned a lot about the natural world around them.



As is usually the case, the natural world was easily available without high tech equipment. Continue reading

Mac Trail Artifact

Club members Dave and Mary Forsyth found a piece of history along the Macnamara Trail. With Nylene’s permission, they donated it to the Arnprior and District Museum: