Tracking Wildlife

On a sunny winter day in February, the Young Macnamaras visited Fitzroy Provincial Park with club expert Fergus Nicoll to search in the snow for signs of wildlife. And there were lots of them. Fergus first told us about how you can tell a dog’s footprint from a fox or Continue reading

Owl Prowl is a real hoot!

It was a great success! Around 50 people (according to Roger Bird) and lots of owls.  We saw a N. Saw-whet around 5 metres in plain view and had it call back and bob its head.  We saw a second one, likely a female, at the same location and heard Continue reading

Art in the Everglades

A message from Art Goldsmith, who took a break from balancing the MFNC books…

Hi All:

We extended our field trip reach…

We had an amazing turnout for this trip, about 20 people in canoes, led by a NPS Volunteer named DW, really.

Your intrepid exec members Suzanne and Art Continue reading

More Mudpuppies!

Written by Doug Hoy.

This year’s Mudpuppy Night may have been the best ever: a fine meal, and so many Mudpuppies they were, “singin’ and dancin’ and settin’ on chairs” in the words of Fred Schueler. It was like they were showing off.

Quiz Night 2011

Written by Doug Hoy.

Another great Quiz Night, thanks to Mike Runtz who assembled another devilishly-diverse collection of natural objects for us to view, and equally difficult riddles for us to unriddle.