Morris Island Spring Trip

Our spring outing at Morris Island Conversation Area was filled with great sightings. We learned about the importance of water to ourselves and to the creatures that live in and around it, and discussed what we might find in it. There were many sightings – and captures – of dragonflies, Continue reading

White Lake Fen Orchid Trip

List of the things we saw on our field trip to the White Lake Fen with leader Michael Runtz…

(* = Orchid)

*Melaxis unifolia (Green Orchid)

*Showy Lady’s-Slipper (Hairy)

*Pink Lady’s-Slipper (Two Basal Leaves at Bottom)

*Grass Pink Calopogon tuberosus (Insect Pod is on Top)

*White Bog Orchid (Smells Continue reading

Storm Damage

Written by Doug Hoy.

Dozens of Poplar trees were blown down near stop 10. Wouldn’t want to have been in the woods when this was happening!

 How snakes keep their feet dry….

Easter Weekend Notes

Written by Doug Hoy.

What was happening along the Macnamara Trail on Easter weekend? Click read more to find out!

Wood Frogs starting to call.

Is that dinner calling?

Fisher got a Porcupine