Owen Clarkin’s tree list

Here’s a list of some tree/shrub reference books Owen Clarkin recommends for people living in our region. 

(just a partial list of the ones he likes 😉 ). 

“Native Trees of Canada” by R.C. Hosie“Trees in Canada” by Farrar“Trees and Shrubs” by Petrides“The Tree ID Book” by Symonds“The Shrub Continue reading

November 2021 Meeting Sightings

Two of the noteworthy sightings reported at our November 2021 meeting were a Pacific Loon, seen by Maureen and Paul Carrier on October 16 in the Cobden area and a Razorbill seen by Linda Lackner on October 29. The Razorbill is an ocean bird rarely seen inland.

Michael Runtz documented Continue reading


Some of our Club Members’ September 2021 Sightings

Many thanks to John Lawrence for collecting and presenting these sightings at our meeting.

Three species of Woodpeckers visited regularly, then brought their young to Ann’s feeders.

Note that sometimes young birds are as big as the adults and it is important Continue reading