Early March 2022 Sightings

We kept our March sightings short to allow sufficient time for our AGM followed by a special Algonquin Park presentation by Michael Runtz.

Yes, you’re seeing birds on a brick wall! Agnes Keough wondered if the American Goldfinches on the Hughes’ home in Arnprior were looking for grit and Michael Continue reading

February 2022 Meeting Sightings

Maureen Carrier reported seeing a Peregrine Falcon in Arnprior; Michael noted that the bird, recorded in the Pakenham-Arnprior CBC, was still around yesterday, February 1.

The Romeskis watched a bird of prey swooping down on, but just missing, a woodpecker. Its size and colour was discussed, with Michael distinguishing between Continue reading

Noting the calls of the wild

Stuck inside?

What about some sounds of nature to transport you out and away? The whistling of a nightingale. The howl of a gray wolf. The kazoo-like calls of emperor penguins.

To keep his ear trained during a COVID-19 lockdown, French-German composer Alexander Liebermann began transcribing sounds Continue reading