The Great Naturalists’ Quiz Night 2019

Eight spirited teams in search of answers and bragging rights studied specimens displayed on tables and computer screens. Yes, it was Michael Runtz’s annual mind-stretching nature-themed quiz. The result — a near-photo-finish between the Busy Baffled Beavers led by Maureen Carrier and the Know It Owls led by Janet Mason. Continue reading

When giant space rocks rip the Earth

MFNC March 5 meeting features Meteorite impacts through geological time

Some 66 million years ago, dinosaurs like T. Rex and Triceratops populated the lush tropical forests that blanketed what is now Western Canada. Until, that is, a catastrophic event obliterated them and half of Earth’s species.

Dr. John Percival, senior Continue reading

Banquet 2018 – one of our best ever


Algonquin Wild by Michael Runtz

This intriguing “you-don’t-see-us” photo from his upcoming book, Algonquin Wild, was one of the fabulous photos and back stories Michael Runtz shared at our 2018 banquet in his visual exploration of the changes in Algonquin Park’s flora and fauna through the course of Continue reading