Mac Trail Artifact

Club members Dave and Mary Forsyth found a piece of history along the Macnamara Trail. With Nylene’s permission, they donated it to the Arnprior and District Museum:

Feeling blue?

Written by Doug Hoy.

You’re not alone.

MFNC member and gardener extraordinaire Mark Dallas mentioned a peculiar frog in his Galetta Nursery pond at the last meeting, and he sent us a photo to prove it:

No, it’s not the latest Blue Man Group costume. It’s apparently a not-uncommon genetic Continue reading

Young Macs leader heads to Minnesota

I was one of two Ontarians who travelled to the University of Minnesota’s St. Paul campus in August to learn how to use Monarch butterflies as a teaching tool. Karen Oberhauser is the professor behind the program “Monarchs in the Classroom,” a fabulous curriculum resource for teachers in the United Continue reading

Helping kids know Nature

In August I was invited to visit a local daycare to teach children about the creatures that live in our waters. While the twenty four children were adept with identifying larger organisms, like frogs and salamanders, I wanted them to look at tinier organisms. They split Continue reading

Mike Runtz afield

Long story short: found this bird at one of my survey sites near Goderich. I have never found a Dickcissel in Ontario during my 51 years of birding in the province so it was quite exciting (YAHOO as Roger would say).  

Here it is. Only 3 more weeks of Continue reading