Mac Trail Donations

And now a word from our Treasurer, Art Goldsmith:

“I was reminded last night by one of our members (Kathleen Teahen) that the annual United Way Campaign is on in Ottawa.  Many of our members make contributions to UW through their place of employment. Every year, a few members designate Continue reading

Canadian Heritage Rivers Photo Contest

Good morning,

My name is Hilary, and I am the student working with Parks Canada’s Canadian Heritage Rivers Board Secretariat this summer.

We are currently running our second annual Experience Canadian Heritage Rivers photo contest, and the Macnamara Field Naturalists’ Club’s focus on photography and nature along with Continue reading

Birdathon Results.

Started near Stitsville, did a circle to Calabogie then renfrew and back across to Fitzroy harbour, west carleton and other spots on the Ottawa river. A quick trip into the city of Ottawa for Gray partridge and Mockingbird was in there somewhere as well. Then our evening stuff at the Continue reading