Macnamara Trail Calendar Available

We’re wild about the Macnamara Trail calendar! Aren’t you?

Our Wild about the Macnamara Trail Calendar is ready for your appreciation and purchase. Have you got your copies yet? 

 Features of this unique calendar: 

It is the first one ever to be produced by the Macnamara Field Naturalists’ Club.  Each Continue reading

Butterfly Outing

Butterfly Outing – Saturday June 15

Burnt Lands National Park – Our Leader: Rick Cavasin

  It was a warm, sunny but windy day.  An absolutely gorgeous day to be outside chasing butterflies.  Our leader, Rick Cavasin mentioned that if it is a windy day, Continue reading

High time spring is here

Some April sights on the Mac Trail.

If you have recent pics or stories of Macnamara Trail sights, send them to, attention website Mac Trail notes, and we can post them here.