In 1984 a group of naturalists in the Ottawa Valley formed this club to share their knowledge and love of nature. Following in the footsteps of Charles Macnamara (1881-1944), a naturalist and photographer who lived in Arnprior, our club has explored, documented and enjoyed the natural history of our area. Welcome to our club!

Macnamara Trail

The Macnamara Trail in the southeast corner of Arnprior is a window into the past and present natural world of the region. One of the club’s largest projects to date, its boardwalks, viewing platforms, and benches – constructed entirely by volunteers – allow visitors to explore it without disturbing its wild character.


Expert speakers share their knowledge and take us in easy steps into their special worlds at club meetings. Field trips throughout the year investigate everything from geology, to birds in migration, to rare orchids. Check out our upcoming events and meetings. We are pleased to share our knowledge and experience with you!

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